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Improve branding with corporate communication via envelopes

One of the most widely used pieces of office stationery is certainly the envelope. Whenever you are delivering communication from your organization, you are sure to use the envelope. 55printing.com offers you various options so that you get the envelope that you need and want.

  • Different size options available
  • Chimi Print on the front and even the back
  • Various quantity options available from 250 to 10,000
  • Rapid turnaround time. Same day printing available

Not Just For Official Communication

Generally, envelopes are used when you wish to send official communication to your clients, customers or employees. However, this does not have to be so. It is quite possible for you to use your official envelopes in marketing as well. Instead of delivering brochures and flyers as they are, you can put them inside your official envelopes while mailing them. This can improve your marketing results considerably. At the same time, you will be improving the impact of your branding efforts.

Designing an Chimi Printing Envelope

Custom envelopes can certainly be better than old boring envelopes that are either white or brown completely. The following tips can help you greatly in creating an envelope that is not only beautiful but also capable of impressing the recipients.

The Essential Elements: First, you need to understand that there are a few elements that must always be present on the envelope. This includes the logo your company and its name. The address and the contact details of the organization are a must as well. As such, you need to design the envelope accordingly.

Use Both Sides: Keep in mind that it is quite possible to use both sides of the envelopes. This gives you more space for spreading around the design and any message your wish to include.

The Text: Generally, you cannot use any marketing message on the envelopes directly. This will make the envelopes completely inappropriate when you are going to be using them for corporate purposes. Instead, you can include the tagline of your company. This is suitable for all purposes.

The Colors: You need to understand that the choice of colors is quite limited here. While you can certainly use multiple colors, it will be for the best if you do not do so. Instead, concentrate on the colors you have used for branding your company. Use those colors for the designers.

The Images: Generally, you should not be using any images on the envelope. On the other hand, icons can be an excellent choice. You must, however, have a design uses icons in the right manner without letting them overwhelm the other elements. More importantly, it should not make the envelope feel too casual. If you are using images, limit the numbers you choose. Ensure that the images are highly relevant to your company.

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With the wide range of options offered by 55printing.com, you should not have any problems in creating an impressive envelope. We will ensure that the quality of the printing is topnotch for the best results.